Aad : Prior to

For those who want to know

I have been taking photographs for a long time, it started in my youth. And then photography became my life, taking me to places and to people. I also started writing, without images, and with images.

I got to know the work of poet Leo lotterman, and the man himself. Inspiring, modest, introverted. But what that man committed to paper was downright art. We started working together, the poet and the photographer. We exchanged thoughts and ideas at patio tables, sometimes thoughtfully corresponding by email. What emerged from our collaboration was beautiful, it was usually about the city that was not our hometown, but still charmed us. We called it Roosendaal Romanticism.

The turning point came in 2018. 

I suffered a cerebral infarction. I lost a lot, including my ability to take photographs. My deteriorating motor skills didn't allow it, and, even worse, I couldn't imagine ever having liked photography...

I couldn't tolerate strong colors or bright light. My world became hostile.
Slowly but surely I reinvented myself. I lost everything, what was left was a room in a care center. A bed, a sink and a wardrobe.

I quietly recreated my own world. In and around that room. And again I started taking pictures. Be careful with my smartphone. The Google Pix3a XL.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Nothing more than that. At least, in my opinion. The reality was different, more comprehensive. And gradually things got better, people gathered around me who were kind, patient and trusted. Life became more fun again.
And yes, what I never expected happened: I longed for a camera again. One that I can handle with my weak motor skills: The Leica V5.

The characteristics of my photography now are the use of soft colors in my images, and as far as black and white is concerned, preferably arcadic, with drama that contains high contrast. Or striking portraits.
Something valuable emerged: my photography since 2020…